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Snowy River offers an award winning all natural range of cocktail sugars, cocktail salts, cocktail glitters and toppers for all your bar needs. We designed Snowy River based upon a desire to offer a healthy but yet still flavorful and fun garnish that can be used to decorate the rim of any cocktail, martini, or bucket glass.

We start our products with the finest natural sugars and salts, and then embed the freshest natural fruits and veg to create a vibrant and colorful range of products. We don't use synthetics or preservatives. Always drink responsibly.

Check out some features we offer in our food service business:

  • All product manufactured by Ultimate Baker in the United States under strict quality controls
  • All processing based upon Ultimate Baker proprietary food coloring system
  • Custom sugar color matching as well as blending services available
  • Kosher Certified sugars, dusting powders, flour, and glitters from VA'AD HA RABANIM Of Greater Seattle
  • No minimum order size but typical manufactured order size from 16lbs to 5000lbs (higher on request)
  • Technical data sheets and CAO/COC's available on all commercial orders

Please contact us to discuss your food services needs today.


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