Flavored Icing Sugar


All Natural Flavored Icing Sugar - Tastes Amazing!

All-natural icing sugar blended with the finest natural fruit and vegetable coloring and flavors to create an amazing range of pre-mixed powdered sugars for home or professional use! When the finest quality ingredients are needed for your cakes, cookies or desserts, Ultimate Baker's natural flavored powdered sugar is a must for the professional baker through to the home chef.

Also known as icing sugar or confectioner's sugar, Ultimate Baker powdered sugar is a finely ground powder version of our Ultimate Baker sanding sugar. Our flavored powdered sugars are available in 4oz and 5lb package sizes, are high quality, premixed with naturally colored with natural fruit and veg, and come in a growing range of natural colors and fun flavors. Importantly, our powdered sugars have no synthetic dyes or preservatives. Ultimate Baker powdered sugars are great for that light touch and delicate works of cake art, popular all year round to dust on cakes, cupcakes, cookies, pastries, or for use in icing, frosting and other cake decorating techniques. 

Ultimate Baker Powdered Sugars are available for wholesale and retail sale as well as in bulk and private label custom orders. Food services and international enquires also welcome.

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