Popcorn Salt



Bring Color & Flavor to Your Next Popcorn Party!

Bring your popcorn to life with Ultimate Baker popcorn salt - Naturally colored and flavored salt for popcorn, for seasoning, for pretzels,  and other party snacks. Comes in a handy 4oz bottle for simple sprinkle application onto popcorn and foods.

Ultimate Baker Popcorn seasoning is made from the finest ingredients. Our flavors and colors are made with real fruit and vegetables, are free of synthetics and preservatives, GMO free, Kosher certified, gluten free, vegan, proudly US made and look and taste amazing.

Simple and easy to use, Ultimate Baker popcorn salt is available in a fun range of popcorn flavors designed to appeal to the entire family. Create your own popcorn movie nights or add color and flavor to your parties, picnics and outings. For best results, add butter or oil to your popcorn and then add popcorn salt until desired taste is achieved.

Ultimate Baker popcorn salt also works great as a natural seasoning on fries, pasta, pizza, salads, snacks, meats and other foods - Just sprinkle it on! Use to decorate cocktails and margaritas as our salt makes the perfect margarita glass rimmer and beverage salt.



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