Types of Sugars


Ultimate Baker Natural Sugars & Sweeteners

Ultimate Baker offers a large range of sugars and natural sweeteners designed to meet the various cooking and baking needs of our home and professional bakers. Regardless of the type of sugar being used, Ultimate Baker works with only all natural ingredients with real fruit and veg used in the coloring of all our items. Our sugar products are all US made, are gluten free, and are majority Certified Kosher (see individual products for specific details), and are made in an allergen free environment.

Ultimate Baker Sugar Decorating Options

Sugar Type Description Crystal Size Primary Use
Powdered Sugar

Granulated dusting sugar supplied in powder form mixed with a trace of corn starch. Typically used for icing, frosting and other fine surface dusting and glazes. Also known as Icing Sugar or Confectioner's Sugar in various parts of the world.


Powder Icing
Baker's Sugar

Regular white cane sugar most commonly used for baking, sprinkling on cakes, cookies, and more. Quickly dissolves in liquids.


Fine Dusting, baking
Sanding Sugar

Medium crystal white cane sugar most commonly used for baking, sprinkling on cakes and cupcakes and provides a sparkly finish.


Medium Baking and decorating
Decorating Sugar Largest crystal white cane sugar size with the greatest heat resistance. Also known as course sugar. Large Decorating

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Ultimate Baker Natural Sweetener Decorating Options

Sweetener Description Crystal Size Primary Use
Xylitol All natural xylitol extracted from real fibrous plants and naturally colored with fruit and vegetables. Great for cake decorating where low carbs and low glycemic index rating needed. Do not feed to pets. Medium Decorating


Other Sugar Options

Outside of these sugar types, there are also other sugars used in cake decorating and baking.

Brown Sugar - Standard dusting sugar with molasses added. Typically smaller or fine crystal in size and depending on the amount of molasses used will determine the ultimate use. Available from our all baking store at  CooksDream

Turbinado Sugar - Raw sugar without molasses. Typically large crystal in size and hence great for decorating. Available from our all baking store at  CooksDream

Muscovado Sugar - Dark brown sugar given its color by the extra molasses. Typically large crystal in size and hence great for making fudge, candies and some cake decorating. Available from our all baking store at  CooksDream

 Demerara Sugar - Large grain raw sugar without molasses. Typically large crystal in size used for decorating. Available from our all baking store at  CooksDream


Fun facts about Sugar.

Sugar has been used by humans since Ancient Times and is believed to have been first extracted from Sugar Cane on the Indian subcontinent. It wasn't until the development of granulated and crystal forms that sugar really took hold and used in a variety of applications including in candies. 

There are two primary types of sugar: Monosaccharides such as fructose and glucose and are typically known as simple sugars. There are also disaccharides such as lactose and sucrose which have a compound structure.

Sugarcane is by far the largest source of sugar although Sugar Beet is also often used. Sugar Cane is typically referred to as giant grass and grown across South East Asia, Brazil, India America and other more tropical climates.

In 2017, the world produced over 185m tonnes of sugar with the average human consumption at around 53lbs of sugar per year. Brazil and India remain the largest producers of sugar cane.

Raw sugar, or that immediately extracted from sugar cane, contains molasses. The refining process is designed to remove the molasses and hence produce the white sugar commonly used today.

Sugar by its nature is flammable and in high dust quantities, such as in a refinery, can be explosive. Typically though, when exposed to heat sugar will caramelize. In this process diacetyl is released and a caramel flavor is left.