Ultimate Food Color System

All Natural Kosher Food Colorants

The finest Fruit & Veg sourced world-wide

At the very heart of Ultimate Baker is the Ultimate Food Color System developed and used in all products we manufacture.

There are many food colors in the market today the vast majority of which are synthetic colors which in some cases are banned in other countries of the world. It is amazing to think that in 1906 there were over 80 synthetic food colors, and while most of these thankfully are no longer used in food, there still remains a massive use of synthetic colorants in nearly everything we eat, drink or put on our bodies.

We wanted to be different. We wanted to offer food colors sourced using the finest ingredients, the freshest fruit and veg, all Kosher certified, and then use these ingredients to manufacture our own all-natural food colors and products.

colored ingredients                   

After some years of testing, refining, and testing again we developed a range of food colors that met the high internal quality bar that we were after. From there our Kosher and other quality accreditations followed. Importantly, the processing, packaging, and storage of Ultimate Baker finished products, and the raw materials from which they are produced, are consistent with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and industry practices.

So whether you are looking for the finest natural baking and cake decorating products from Ultimate Baker, or hip cocktail decorating products from our sister brand Snowy River Cocktails, we have the range and quality to suit your needs.

At a glance our products are:

Dietary: Our products are suitable for vegans

Non-GMO: Our Products contain natural ingredients with no potential for genetically modified source.

Allergen Statement: We do not use any of the Top 8 Allergens

Kosher: Va’ad HaRabanim of Greater Seattle

Glutens: We do not use any gluten based products in the manufacture of our colorants

Talk to us today about how the Ultimate Food Color system can be used in your business, bar, restaurant, or home. Wholesale, custom blending, and bulk services available.

Color your world with Ultimate Baker!