Shine Food Color

ALL Natural Food Color Shines - Add Some Gloss!

Synthetic and Preservative Free Colorful Cake Decorating.

Ultimate Baker all natural food color powders are the perfect addition to your cakes, baking and pasty treats. Our food color powders are made in the USA with all natural fruit and veg based ingredients, are kosher certified, GMO free and free of the top 8 allergens. With over 25 different food colors to choose from, Ultimate Baker food colors allow you to completely remove synthetic based coloring from your baking and cake decorating.

How to Use: Natural food colors have a gloss finish and may be simply sprinkled on top of your cakes and desserts. For gel paste, simply mix 1 part food color with 1 part water and mix with the buttercream or other icing products. For airbrush use, mix 1 part food color with 2 parts water to provide a spray-on color application. 

Ultimate Baker food colors are available in various pack sizes from 12grams through to 2oz online. Larger pack sizes and bulk are also available on request.


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