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Snowy River Gold Cocktail Salt (1x5lb)

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All Natural Gold Kosher Salt Mix - An Elegant Blend!

Snowy River all natural gold colored salt is a rich tapestry of naturally colored salt to add the perfect taste combination to any cocktail or beverage. From the first hint of our all natural kosher salt through to the amazing fruit and veg based coloring, Snowy River salts add a fresh, natural taste and look to any margarita or cocktail. The perfect drink is not complete until finished with Snowy River all natural cocktail salt rimmers.

At the heart of our cocktail salt is the kosher salt itself, chosen for its flavor, texture and solubility. Importantly kosher salts are all natural and do not contain iodine thus ensuring a more delicate salt taste for cocktail and beverage application.

Key Features of our Gold Cocktail Salt Includes:

Naturally colored with real fruit and vegetables.
Gluten Free and GMO Free.
Kosher Certified.
No artificial colors or preservatives.
Our flavors and colors are vibrant and look amazing.
Proudly US Made.

To apply Snowy River cocktail salt: 1) Pour some salt onto a small plate 2) rim the glass with lemon or lime (egg white will provide a thicker rim) 3) roll the glass into the cocktail salt and twist slowly to ensure even application 4) Add your favorite cocktail.

Snowy River cocktail salts and cocktail sugar rimmers are used in professional bars and pubs, but are also great for the home or anytime you need to add some real spark to your glass! And if you need to add more color or sparkle to the drink itself, Snowy River has a huge range of all natural cocktail glitters and beverage colorings.

Color your cocktail world with Snowy River Cocktails!

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