Dropship Program


Ultimate Baker Amazon FBA DropShip Program

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Ultimate Baker offers an Amazon FBA dropship program designed for select wholesale accounts. The goal of our dropship program is to empower you to sell more product through Amazon or other third party websites such as Walmart. To do this we manufacture and ship product directly to an Amazon FBA warehouse on your behalf or we can ship product directly to you instead. 

Here are just some of the reasons people love to dropship with Ultimate Baker: 

1) Fully confidential program with no long term contracts
2) Low minimum order quantity so you can start small and build over time
3) We ship everything to an Amazon FBA warehouse or we can send to you
4) We limit the number of dropshippers to ensure our brands don't become saturated on key marketplaces
5) Access to upgrade to a private label account

Our minimum order quantity for our Amazon FBA dropship program is only 24 units of any 1 SKU and you can start with as few or as many SKU’s as you would like. Pricing is built around our wholesale pricing thus ensuring you the opportunity to set the margins you need to be successful. Additional price discounts are available for bulk or custom orders.

Importantly, only products designated on our dropship list can be sourced under this program. MAP pricing is also strictly enforced to ensure a level playing field for all accounts. A list of these products will be provided once your dropship account is approved.

Getting started is easy. Simply download our wholesale application form and complete. Return this via email requesting dropship access at which time we will open a wholesale account for you, and if approved for dropship will provide the product list in an excel format. 

Dropship FAQ's

Q: What does dropship mean?

A: Dropshipping is a program where we manufacture the product and send product to any Amazon or third party warehouse for you to on-sell as you wish.

Q: How does shipping work?

A: All product is labelled with either the Ultimate Baker or Snowy River brand names, and is shipped to the 3rd party warehouse that you nominate - typically an Amazon FBA warehouse. From there you can sell the products as you wish.

Q: Can you ship direct to my retail customers?

A: Under this dropship program we manufacture and ship product to you or Amazon. From there you can ship directly to your customers. The program is designed to support merchants selling on Amazon in bulk rather than one-off sales.

Q: How do you decide who to allow as a dropshipper?

A: We don't want thousands of dropship accounts rather we are looking for those already in the cake decorating or food industry that are keen to expand their Amazon presence. Typically these are pre-existing accounts with Ultimate Baker that are looking for new ways to build sales.

Q: Do you provide daily inventory levels?

A: As we are shipping product to Amazon warehouses upon ordering we dont need to provide daily inventory levels. Simply order the product you need and we will manufacture and ship. Depending on the order volume, most orders ship within a few days to an FBA warehouse.