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Ultimate Baker Private Label Program

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Ultimate Baker offers an innovative, easy start Private Label program designed for wholesale accounts of all sizes. With over 300 different sku’s across two brands, namely Ultimate Baker and Snowy River, we are sure to design a program that works best for you.

The goal of our Private Label program is to empower you to launch products under your own brand that you can market and build world-wide. We just know your customers will love your range and the natural ingredients that drive Ultimate Baker and Snowy River products.

Here are just some of the reasons people love to private label with Ultimate Baker: 

1) Fully confidential private label program customized for your needs
2) No contracts and low minimum order quantity so you can start small and build over time
3) We can ship everything to you or we can ship your products to an Amazon FBA warehouse
4) Full flexibility on the label and product design you need
5) You can sell your products anywhere you wish

Our minimum order quantity for our private label program is only 100 units of any 1 SKU and you can start with as few or as many SKU’s as you would like. Pricing is built around our wholesale pricing thus ensuring you the opportunity to set the margins you need to be successful. Additional price discounts are available for bulk or custom orders.

Importantly, Ultimate Baker products are all US made, naturally colored, and shipped from our own facilities here in Washington State. We are registered with both the WA Department of Agriculture and FDA. We employ strict quality standards in the processing of all food items and undergo regular inspections as part of our ongoing commitment to Kosher Certification. 

Getting started is easy. Simply download our application form and complete the questions. Return this via email at which time we will open a private label and wholesale account for you and design a fully customized program just for you. 

Private Label FAQ's

Q: What does private label mean?

A: Private labelling is a program whereby we manufacture the product for you and place your logo/name on each item. We then ship the product to you or an Amazon warehouse.  This allows you to setup your own website and sell the products to your customers as you would like. You can set your own prices, margins and sell anywhere in the world with the knowledge that we are working with you. 

Q: Is this a secure private program or will customers know you make the product?

A: Your name and label is used on all products and when shipping we do the same. This is your brand and we are here in the background to help you be successful. The Ultimate Baker name is not listed on any of your products.

Q: Can I mix and match across product types and SKU's?

A: Yes, you can customize the program any way you would like to. 

Q: Can you help with logo and label design?

A: Of course. We have internal marketing and design staff that can put something together for you. You also have the option of finding your own designer and simply send the labels or designs to us.

Q: Do you print the labels?

A: We can print the labels and will charge for the printing costs. If cheaper for you, simply mail your labels to us once they are printed at your local place. We are happy either way.

Q: I've never sold on Amazon, can you help in that area?

A: For sure. We have a consulting program that helps new accounts understand how to get started on Amazon, Etsy or even Walmart. We are here to help you be successful.

Q: Do I need to order a lot of product?

A: Definitely not. You can start with just 1 product SKU and order the minimum quantity of 100. We aren't like most private label programs that require massive volumes, our goal is to help you launch and grow your company from the level you feel most secure at.