Snowy River

Snowy River Emerald Beer Glitter

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Snowy River Beer & Wine Glitter - Truly Spectacular!

Snowy River beer glitter brings sparkle and shine to your favorite beers and wines. Colored with natural fruit and veg, our glitters and are designed to be stirred in a smidgen to add color and sparkle to your drinks. Importantly, Snowy River beer glitters contain no preservatives, include FDA approved ingredients, and look amazing in home brews, craft beers, wines and cocktails.

To make your cocktails look truly amazing, rim the edge of the cocktail glass with Snowy River natural cocktail sugar and then add our glitter as the final exquisite touch. You can also create your own natural food coloring by simply mixing Snowy River beer glitter with water and then blend with simple syrup to create colored syrups. We just know you will love the Snowy River range of cocktail sugars, glitters, and toppers. Always drink responsibly.

Key Features of Snowy River Beer Glitter

All natural coloring with real fruit and veg
All ingredients FDA approved
Certified Kosher
Gluten-Free & GMO-Free
GMO Free
Long-shelf life
Made in USA

This product contains mica based pearlescent pigment and is designed for usage not to exceed 0.07% of glitter by alcohol weight in any drink. Note that Snowy River beer glitter colors may change slightly depending on the type of alcohol or cocktail blends being used. Please store in an airtight container to prevent moisture. Note contents may settle so stir every few minutes.

Additional Details

0.40 LBS

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