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Learn all about our great range of all natural edible luster dusts. We have over 15 luster dust colors now available to choose from.


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What is Luster Dust?

Ultimate Baker's Luster dust is an all natural edible food and cake decorating powder that adds sparkle and shine once sprinkled on. Luster Dusts are ideal for use on rolled fondant, gum paste, fondant flowers, plaques & lettering or any baking masterpiece.

Luster dust comes in dry powder form and is available in retail sizes (5grams, 1oz and 2oz) as well as larger wholesale and bulk sizes (1lb, 5lb and above).

Luster dusts come in a large variety of colors and look great when added to your favorite treats. Gold and silver are really common colors, but the blues, greens and purple hues also look amazing.


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Is Luster Dust Safe?

There are many luster dusts in the market, however Ultimate Baker's luster dust is made from all natural ingredients all of which are approved by the FDA. Our luster dusts are made with mica based pearlescent, a naturally occurring compound, and then colored with all natural fruit and vegetable extracts such as beet root or spirulina.

Ultimate Baker luster dusts are safe to eat and look amazing!


Is Luster dust the same as Sparkle Dust?

Luster dust is known by many different names in the US. While luster dust is the primary name it is also known as sparkle dust, pearl dust or sparkle powder. Petal dust is the matte finish version of luster dust. Check out some basic definitions below:

Luster Dust -- Adds sparkle and shine to cake decorating and comes in a large variety of colors and hues.

Petal Dust - The matte finish form of luster dust and has a more natural look than the sparkle found in luster dusts.

Pearl Dust - More sparkle and limited color when compared to luster dust.

Sparkle Dust - Typically a larger grain size of luster dust but gives the same color and sparkle.

Disco Dust - Largest grain size in the dust family

Please note that not all dusts in the market are safe to eat. Some are just decorative only and should be avoided. Ultimate Baker luster dusts and petal dusts are all edible, gluten free, and manufactured under strict quality control standards. All ingredients are natural and using only FDA approved ingredients.


How do I use Luster Dust?

Luster dust is quick and simple to use. Simply brush on top of your favorite treats using a dry brush to give an amazing sparkle finish. To create food coloring simply follow the instructions below. Either way, luster dusts are versatile and look fantastic once applied. But remember a little dust goes a long way.


Can you use Luster Dust as a food color?

Ultimate Baker Luster Dust may be mixed with alcohol or lemon oil for painting or mix with water to make food coloring to add into buttercream to get that brilliant shine. Each Luster dust color creates a different effect to give the luster you are looking for. To use as a food coloring: Simply add 2 parts water to 1 part powder (use less water if you want a stronger shade). Mix until completely dissolved. Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight and heat.


Do Luster Dusts give a sparkle or matte finish?

Ultimate Baker Luster dusts are designed to create that extra sparkle and shine on your baked treats. However, if you would prefer a matte finish then Ultimate Baker also has a large range of petal dusts available. Ultimate Baker luster dusts and petal dusts look amazing when used with Ultimate Baker baking sugars and edible glitters.

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What can I mix luster dusts with? 

Ultimate Baker luster dusts look amazing when mixed with Ultimate Baker edible glitters or natural baking sugars. Simply try various combinations until you find the look and style that is perfect for your cake, dessert or treat.


Final Thoughts?

We just know you will love our complete range of dusting powders, from our luster dusts to petal dusts. We have all your natural baking needs covered. We welcome any further questions and please send us your photos so we can share.

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