Allergens & Non-GMO

Good Manufacturing Statement

The processing, packaging, and storage of Ultimate Baker finished products, and the raw materials from which they are produced, are consistent with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and industry practices.

We believe that our decorating sugars, sweeteners, flour, dusts and sprinkles, unless stated, are suitable for

Dietary: This product is suitable for vegans

Non- GMO: Contains natural ingredients with no potential for genetically modified source.

Allergen Statement: None known unless listed on product

Kosher Statement: Link Here

Allergens Statement

Ultimate Baker products are manufactured under strict controls and all ingredients are verified for any allergens present prior to use. Please see individual labels for details. However, as an overview:

In products: Yes - Dark Brown Caramel (Sulfite), Soy

On Same Line: No

In Same Plant: Sulfites, Soy

Ultimate Baker products do not contain, nor do we store any of these items in our manufacturing facilities:

Crustaceans, shellfish or prawns

Eggs or egg products

Fish or fish products

Legumes, peas, peanuts, soybeans

Tree nuts, poppy seeds, sesame seeds

Sulfites in concentrations of 10ppm or higher 

 Technical data sheets are available for all manufactured and/or processed products.

Non-GMO Statement

To the best of our knowledge, Ultimate Baker sugars, luster dusts and their sub-ingredients do not contain genetically engineered materials (GMO). All sugars have been manufactured using raw materials certified not to contact genetically modified organisms. Non-GMO statements by product are available on request.


Please contact Ultimate Baker for any questions or more information.