Ultimate Baker Platinum Program


Welcome to the Ultimate Baker platinum program.

Ultimate Baker is building a network of affiliated stores dedicated to serving the online and direct to retail baking supplies market. Our service is aimed at those already in the industry and we are dedicated to helping you grow by expanding your products, your marketing, and your online presence. 

Access to our Platinum program is FREE per year and gives you access to: 

    • Wholesale prices on all UltimateBaker.com products
    • Fulfillment services under your store name direct to your customers
    • First access to new Ultimate Baker launched products
    • Promotion as an Ultimate Baker Platinum Seller on your website

Once your signed up you can expand your service through the addition of these paid services: 

    • A Big Commerce webstore preloaded with Baking products and ingredients *
    • Periodic marketing of your website on the Ultimate Baker Facebook page (120k followers)
    • Facebook daily content management program


Under the webstore offer approx. 5000 products are preloaded onto a new webstore made available for your own use and management. Setup fee includes loading of all products, categories, and marketing banners and initial store configuration. (See cooksdream.com as an example baking supply store) 

*Excludes any fees associated with design of new logo, banners, SSL, premium template, or site reprogramming. All webstores are built using the Big Commerce platform and Big Commerce will charge monthly fees for store hosting. All fees are non-refundable.


Please note that the Platinum program is designed for self-owned webstore owners and retail store merchants. The program is not designed for listing products on third-party websites such as Amazon and Ebay.


platinum program