Donut Coating Sugars


NEW! Vegan Non-Melting Donut Coating Sugar 

Colored with Real Fruit & Veg.

Ultimate Baker's all natural donut coating sugar, or snow sugar as its also known, is a super fine powdered confectioners style sugar that is designed to withstand heat so it won't melt or dissolve. Made from the finest sugars, then naturally colored with real fruit and veg based coloring developed in-house by our crafting team, this donut coating sugar is simply sensational.

Ultimate Baker offers two styles of donut coating sugars to meet your needs:

Traditional Donut Coating Sugar – traditional sweet smelling coating sugar made with milk protein (whey) and available in 8 natural colors.

Vegan Donut Coating Sugar – more neutral smelling coating sugar made without dairy or gluten. Available in white however custom colors are available on request.

Ultimate Baker donut sugar is the perfect compliment for donuts, cupcakes, cakes, as well as on breakfast pastries, fruit tarts and other baked treats. Sprinkle on whipped cream, icing and even on the kids ice cream to add a little natural color. Simple and easy to use, Ultimate Baker non-melt donut coating sugar can be simply sprinkled on top of your favorite treats before or after baking - yes you can apply directly on hot baked items. We just know that our donut sugar is sure to become a mainstay in your cake decorating ingredient list.

Ultimate Baker Donut Coating Sugar is available in both vegan and traditional options across a range of fun colors. Various packaging sizes are available to meet the needs of our wholesale and corporate accounts as well as retail. From 8oz bags through to 25lb options as well as private label opportunities.

Get back to nature backing with Ultimate Baker donut coating sugars (Snow Sugars).

Vegan – Gluten Free – Dairy Free – Non-GMO – Naturally Colored – Kosher - Proudly US Made


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