Flavored Salts



Snowy River flavored cocktail salt adds glamor, color, sparkle and most importantly, sensational flavor to your cocktails and beverages. Made with the finest natural ingredients, including real fruit and vegetables in the coloring and flavoring, Snowy River cocktail salts are sure to impress and have your friends and family asking for more.

Here at Snowy River we design the finest natural cocktail decorating products with the home and professional bartender in mind. Our products are designed by experienced bartenders for ease of use, simple storage with long shelf life, and incorporate the finest natural color and flavors in each. We do not use synthetics or preservatives in any of our products ensuring you the freshest natural beverage rimming salt products for all your drinks. Snowy River flavored cocktail salts are simple to apply to the edge of any glass using simple syrup (we recommend 2:1 Salt to water mix) as the binding agent. Roll the edge of the glass into the binding agent and then into the cocktail salt. Add your beverage and then enjoy!



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