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The word Sentosa means peace and tranquility. It is this meaning that inspires us in the development, testing, and blending of our wonderful range of premium loose leaf teas.

Our aim is to provide you unparalled quality in your tea drinking experience so that you will savor every sip from start to finish. To do this we seek out only the finest tea leaves and varietals from around the world. We take time to test and retest to ensure we have the perfect grade and flavor for all our teas. For us tea is an experience is a moment of peace, a sip of tranquility, and an abundance of flavor.

Sentosa Teas is part of the Ultimate Baker group of companies. Our products are now found in the US and Canada with a growing number of distributors and wholesale outlets partnering with us. Our products are also now available from Amazon.

For more detail on our wholesale program please contact us today and enjoy Sentosa in your store or business. No minimum orders and free shipping across the continental US.

We wish you peace.

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