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Snowy River Dehydrated Lemon Wheels (1x2oz)

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Decorate Your Cocktails In Style!

Snowy River cocktail wheels are a great way to add color, flavor and style to any cocktail. Made with all natural ingredients, our wheels are candied, dehydrated and taste great. Unlike many dehydrated wheels, Snowy River wheels have great color and are designed to compliment your cocktails. Our wheels work great on margaritas, palomas, and many other specialty cocktails.

Importantly, Snowy River lemon wheels have been designed and tested by experienced bartenders and actively used in bars and restaurants across the US. We specialize in designing the best in natural cocktail decorating for home and professional bartenders alike.

Key features of Snowy River garnish wheels:

  • All natural ingredients, vegan, Kosher certified.
  • Each 2oz pack has enough product to garnish 20 cocktails
  • Natural color and texture.
  • Long shelf life when stored in dry, sealed environment.
  • Bar tested and proven.
  • US made by Snowy River.

How to Use Garnish Wheels:

Snowy River garnish wheels can simply be placed on top of any cocktail or slice a cut to place them as a vertical garnish on any glass. Wheels are safe to eat. We do not recommend reusing wheels and avoid immersing them in fluids prior to use. Please store in a sealed bag away from moisture.

Dehydrated wheels work great in conjunction with Snowy River award-winning cocktail glitters and salt, sugar rimmers. With Snowy River you can decorate the perfect drink every time!

Additional Details

0.50 LBS
Lemons, Honey, Natural Fruit Juice

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