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Snowy River Candy Cane Sour Sips

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Sweet & Sour Rimming Sugar

The ideal Zing and Bling combination for your cocktails!

Snowy River Sour Sips make a colorful and tasty addition to your cocktail decorating and party nights. From the immediate "sourful" zing sensation to the sweet lingering sugar overtones, this sweet and sour sugar mix works great as a cocktail rimmer on margaritas, lemon drops, specialty cocktails or anywhere a little bit of sour is needed in your day. Sour Sips can also be placed in a small plate and used as a replacement for lemon or lime chasers when drinking tequila, mezcal or other agave-based cocktails. Or blend with hot water (2:1 mix) to make a zesty simple syrup blend.

Snowy River Sour Sips also work great for non-cocktail application as well. The sweet and sour sugar combination is often used as a decorative sprinkle on cakes, desserts or other tasty treats; use for Halloween and other special events through the year where a sour flavor is needed; or simply nibble on our Sips during the day as a feisty synthetic-free candy pick-me up. As a natural sugar blend, Snowy River Sour Sips are fully versatile, come in a range of blends and colors, and come pre-packaged ready to use.

Here at Snowy River we love our sugars and what our customers can do with them. We use the finest sugars and blends to ensure even application as a cocktail rimmer for any glass - to dress up your favorite margaritas - your favorite cocktails - or add flair to any party. Snowy River sugars are naturally colored using real fruit and veg based colorings we make ourselves, are synthetic free, gluten free, Kosher certified, and look and taste amazing.

To apply Snowy River Sour Sips as a cocktail sugar rimmer, apply some simple syrup or egg white evenly around the rim of the glass and then roll the edge of the glass into a small plate holding the Sour Sips. Once the glass is rimmed, you can add your cocktail and enjoy.

Snowy River cocktail decorating products, including our cocktail sugar/salt rimmers and cocktail glitters, are used in professional bars and pubs, but are also great for the home or anytime you need to add some real spark to your glass! Color your cocktail world with Snowy River.

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0.50 LBS
Sugar, Citric Acid, Natural Fruit & Veg Food Color. Synthetic and Preservative Free. Made in Washington, USA.

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