Made to Order Sugar

Ultimate Baker's Snowy River is an exciting new brand taking the cocktail market by storm. Snowy River is one of the only cocktail sugar rimmer brands offering all natural products, with no synthetic colors or preservatives. It is our focus on quality, on natural products, and on our flavors which sets Snowy River cocktail sugars apart.

100% Natural - Certified Kosher - Gluten Free - Non-GMO - Vegan - All FDA Approved ingredients - Proudly US Made

To use Snowy River cocktail sugar rimmers - simply pour two or three teaspoons of your favorite cocktail sugar onto a flat plate. Wipe cocktail rimmer syrup , lemon, lime or egg whites around rim of the cocktail glass, and dip! Dip just the rim or dip the whole glass to create amazing effects!

Snowy River sugar cocktail rimmers taste great and are all natural. Don't forget those kids glasses - Snowy River sugars work on plastic and all varieties of glass for parties or fun times. Add Snowy River chocolate treat to your coffee in the morning and get the best sip of the day.

Snowy River sugars are available in 4oz - 8oz - 1lb -5lb sizes or you can design your own sugar blend. Snowy River offers wholesale prices and terms to trade accounts plus we also offer private label services.

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