Making High Crown Muffins

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High Crown Muffins – Fat Daddio’s Exclusive Post

We’ve teamed up with Fat Daddio’s (one of our favorite bakeware brands) to bring you some of the very best baking information! Here is a great post about achieving High Crown Muffins.

“How do I get my muffins to have a large top?” This is a question we get occasionally. And the answer is…you guessed it, as easy as 1, 2, 3.

High Crown Muffins

  1. Fill your muffin cavity 3/4 full.
    I know the recipe calls for 2/3 full, but that isn’t enough batter. Now, you may not have enough batter to fill every cavity in your pan. If you don’t, fill the empty cavity with water to ensure even baking for your muffins.
  2. Turn up the heat!
    Turn the heat up 25 degrees from the recipe temperature, but only for 6 minutes. This will give the sugar and protein a quick burst of heat to rise faster. But turn it down, or your muffins will burn.
  3. Use a different pan.
    Most commercial bakeries use a tiered muffin pan to get the high crowns.

Fat Daddio’s MFN-CROWN pan will allow you to bake high-domed large crowned tops!